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Bocking Village Hall is pleased to announce the official unveiling of our new community Defibrillator (AED) which is situated outside the front of the building in Church Street Bocking.

The purchase of the Defibrillator was made possible by the kind generosity of ‘ The Friends of Braintree Hospital’  who met at the Village Hall on the 27th March with Bocking Village Club Members and Local Residents who then attended a Training session given by Richard Penny of ‘Barclay Penny Training’ who also donated his time for free.

The installation and ongoing costs of the Defibrillator will be met from donations made by Bocking Village Club Members.

Margaret Surrey BUSSC Secretary said ‘We are proud to have this potentially life-saving piece of equipment at the Hall and I would like to thank the Friends of Braintree Hospital and Bocking Village Club members whose kind donations made it possible’.



Picture attached shows the Friends of Braintree Hospital and some Bocking Village Club Members along with Richard Penny before the Training session.


To Parents,


It is Club Policy that children are not to be left in the main entrance corridor unsupervised


All children must remain in the bar area under parental supervision


This is for the safety of your children, other members, and guests.



Thank you,

Margaret Surrey

Club Secretary


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